Learn French

French Lessons by Cheryl Thingvold

Parlez vous francais? Join our class!  It's a fun 6-week course on Mondays. 


Registration is open - call us at 904.261.8991 to reserve your spot. $65 per student.

Advanced Group | 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Beginners Group | 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Feb. 25th, March 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

and April 1st.


The Artist Within - 6 Wk Support Group for Artists & Writers

The Artist Within

Tuesdays starting Jan 22 - Feb. 26th


$65 for the series

The Artist Within, a 6-week support group for artists and writers, will be offered upstairs at The Book Loft. Facilitated by retired art therapist, artist and poet Virginia Dunlap, the group is structured around journal-keeping, in-group exercises, and homework designed to uncover, stimulate and nurture your artistic goals. The Artists Within is not a how-to class in creative technique. Its purpose is to provide a supportive context for exploring and developing under-realized aspects of your unique creative spirit. If you've always wanted to test a secret artistic bent but didn't; or if you are a creative old hand wanting to break into new artistic territory, perhaps it's time to go ahead and give it a go. Limited to 12 participants.

To register or for more information contact Virginia Dunlap 904-310-9123



William Maurer - Book Signing

Fridays at The Book Loft 10am-4pm

Sketches of Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach, The Mark of William Maurer is now in its second printing since 2007. The first printing of 2500 copies has just about sold out. This 13 inch, beautiful hard cover coffee table book depicting the artist’s original sketches and beautiful watercolors of Amelia Island is being well received. Among those are visitors to the island, new brides for their guests to sign, realtors welcoming new comers, and art lovers as well. Unlike a photo album, this book is a collection of his past ten years of teaching sketching and original paintings throughout the island.

The perfect gift!


Amelia Island Book Festival -


February 14-16, 2019

A three-day Literary Extravaganza of Mega Proportions

Featuring more than 100 noted and celebrity New York Times bestselling  authors including John Grisham, Diana Gabaldon, Steve Berry, Kristen Ashley, David Baldacci, Tess Gerritsen and Ridley Pearson all to  Support our award-winning Authors in Schools Literacy Program.

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Saturday, February 23rd

Meet Dr. Mary Jane Ingui

Saturday, February 23rd


Trauma and Tenacity in Vietnam: A Surgeon's Story, captures the defining period in the medical life of Capt. Sheldon Kushner, MD, while stationed in Vinh Long, Vietnam, from 1968-69. Through letters, reel-to-reel tape recordings, slides and the personal interviews that recounted his experience, the story of a young surgeon is revealed. When we think of Vietnam and medicine, there is a natural tendency to think of the M*A*S*H image of treating American soldiers wounded in combat. However, unlike the TV doctors who helped our servicemen, Sheldon used his medical skills to care for wounded Vietnamese civilians. This role represents a new part of the story that is Vietnam. It was an effort by our government to improve the health conditions and showcase America's compassion and good intentions to win the hearts and minds of the South Vietnamese people. The great hope was that the South Vietnamese would embrace these medical practices and continue them, just as our military believed that as we advised the South Vietnamese, they would gain the ability and motivation to defeat the North Vietnamese. This lofty goal of medical mentorship was never achieved, but the men and women who went to do the job came away changed and wholly committed to the idea that they made a difference. When we read this book about other people's lives, we feel their triumphs and tragedies; we vicariously experience the lessons life taught them. In Vietnam, Sheldon learned that he was a survivor, a man whose love of medicine was broadened to explore the inner sense of pride in his work. He discovered he had the tenacity to meet the challenge of unrelenting daily surgery and that under less-than-optimal conditions, he and his team could use creativity to accomplish their goal of keeping people alive. His ethics were left intact in spite of what he saw around him. Most of the letters and tapes utilized in the writing of this book reflect the emotions of an inexperienced 26-year old physician, overwhelmed and unprepared for the horrors of a brutal war that he did not understand. The scars remain imprinted in the minds of many veterans who returned home alive, only to be met by the insensitivity, contempt and hatred conveyed by some people who did not serve in Vietnam and did not understand. In the pages of this book, you will see the profound effect Sheldon's service in Vinh Long had on him physically and mentally. It also shaped his opinion on the war. It was truly the defining period of his life. As Sheldon concluded about his time in Vietnam: "We did a lot of surgery and saved a lot of people's lives. We filled a great humanitarian need."


Saturday February 23rd

Meet Kathryn Taylor

Saturday, February 23rd


“You can quit waiting for the other shoe to drop: I’m in it for life.” Those are the fateful, repeated words that help convince Kathryn Taylor to remarry, retire from her thirty-year profession, sell her home, and relocate in support of her new husband’s career. But five years later, in a car packed with food she has carefully prepared to nourish her husband’s dying brother, the other shoe does drop. Taylor’s husband unexpectedly proclaims he is, “done with the marriage and doesn’t want to talk about it.”

With this, the life Taylor has come to know is over. Relying on the strength of a lifelong friend who refuses to let her succumb to the intense waves of grief, she slowly begins to find her way out of grief. Over the course of two years, through appointments with attorneys and therapists, purging shared belongings, and pushing herself to meet new people and do new things, Taylor not only regains a sense of control in her life, she also learns to enjoy the new life she has built, the friendships she’s formed—and to savor her newfound strength.


Sunday, February 24th


Meet Sukoshi Rice

Sunday, February 24th | 1:00-4:00 pm

Armed with her love of adventure, her wits, her winning smile, and a modest family subsidy, Sukoshi Rice set off over fifty years ago to explore the world. By plane, train, freighter, newspaper truck, bus, hitchhiking and donkey, she traveled four continents and many countries, working as a stable girl, receptionist, shoe salesgirl, restaurant owner, smuggler, shop girl, cook and tourist. Her journeys brought her in contact with the famous and the infamous, the exotic and the just plain creepy. As this book begins, she leaves her comfortable New York life for the travel and adventure that make up these stories

Saturday, March 2nd


Meet Bruce Thomason & JD Hunter

Saturday, March 2nd | 1:00-4:00 pm

In the Clay Randall detective series -- he and his team are once again investigating murder and mayhem in the scenic beachside community of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The Domino Event, the fourth novel in the Detective Clay Randall Series, unfolds with a computer fraud scheme that quickly escalates into multiple murders and explosive destruction. As the clues begin to point toward a powerful Russian crime boss, any misstep by the team could place them in mortal danger. Utilizing authentic investigative techniques, The Domino Event weaves a tale packed with surprises that will keep the reader turning pages to the final confrontation.

Saturday, March 9th


Meet Carlla Cato

Saturday, March 9th | 10am - 1 pm

This story is about a real pair of geese that return to my pond every year to hatch their goslings. As you share this book with children special to you, I hope they will enjoy the illustrations that Yujeong has painted in watercolor.

Saturday , March 9th

Meet Michael Puterbaugh

Saturday, March 9th


Dean Hunter, ex-NFL defensive end, ex-police detective, has adapted nicely to his off-the-grid lifestyle as owner of the Sandy Turtle reggae bar in Fernandina Beach, Florida. That is, until his old college flame Marcia appears on the porch of the Turtle. In a drunken slur, Marcia asks Dean to help find Jaime, the guy who stole Marcia from Dean back in their college days. Dean finds himself traveling to Fort Lauderdale and the Dominican Republic in search of Jaime. It seems Dean isn’t the only one looking for Jaime, who may have stolen more than Marcia from Dean. Something the federal government and a quasi mafia boss are after. Why, then, was Dean trying to find Jaime? For the girl, of course. 


Sunday , March 10th

Meet Roger Johns

Sunday, March 10th


When a controversial politician is murdered in cold blood, Baton Rouge Police Detective Wallace Hartman struggles to find the killer amid conspiracies and corruption in River of Secrets, a gripping new mystery from Roger Johns.

Herbert Marioneaux, a Louisiana politician infamous for changing his mind on hot-button issues, has been murdered and his body posed to send a message. Baton Rouge homicide detective Wallace Hartman has to figure out who’s sending that message. DNA points to Eddie Pitkin, a social justice activist who also happens to be the half-brother of Wallace’s childhood best friend. But even with the combative history between Pitkin and Marioneaux, murder seems out of character for Pitkin, whose usual MO is to confront the wealthy and powerful with their inconvenient past. As Wallace digs deeper, she unearths a possible alibi witness, along with evidence of a deeply troubled relationship that points the finger of suspicion at Marioneaux’s son.


Saturday, March 16th

Meet JR Sharp - Book Signing

Saturday, March 16th 1pm-4pm

It is 1940 in Italy and Gino Cartelli has recovered from being wounded in Ethiopia and has been sent back to war by the Axis powers. He knows it is only a matter of time before he meets the same fate as his two brothers who died in battle. He decides that he must make other plans to secure his future.

While stationed in Rome, he witnesses atrocities against his fellow Italians, Jews, and other innocent war victims. He survives by learning to be as corrupt as the Germans who have made this city their headquarters.

He and his friend Giacomo’s lives become a cat-and-mouse game with the Gestapo commander Major Schmidt. The final chapter of this match comes to an end when the major harasses, beats and enslaves the Italian partisans in the final battle for Rome.


Sunday , March 17th

Book Launch Party for Nancy Blanton

Book Launch Party!


Sunday, March 17, 3 - 5 pm

Join award-winning author Nancy Blanton to celebrate the release of  her third historical novel, already a literary medalist in a national competiton. The Earl in Black Armor is a relentless story of loyalty, honor and betrayal in the Stuart era prior to the great Irish Rebellion of 1641. Nancy will share some of her research discoveries, travels experiences and writing challenges, while you enjoy Irish tea and other refreshments. Nancy's other novels include The Prince of Glencurragh and Sharavogue.


Saturday March 23rd

Nancy Day Pirate Party

Saturday, March 23rd


Ahoy there, mateys! Join us for a pirate party celebrating the picture book, Pirate Jack Gets Dressed, with author Nancy Raines Day. Hear the fun and colorful story, play the "Talk Like a Pirate" game, sing "Dress, Dress, Pirate Jack," color your own pirate bandanna, and cut and tape a bright green parrot to take home on your shoulder.  Best for ages 3 -7, but all are welcome!

Call 904-261-8991 to 


Saturday, March 30th

Meet Treviance Mayo - Book Signing

Saturday, March 30th 1pm-4pm

The Fancee

A Story of  Love, Suspense, Twists, and Thrills!

Fancee is a young housewife and mother who prides herself in her faithful relationship with her husband, Mannie Brewer. Suddenly, her marriage is turned upside down. 

“Mannie! You caused this! Not me!” Fancee yelled.

His lip curled scornfully. His eyes flashed with a vengeful and malignant fire. His voice changed to a deceptively calm tone.

“All I know is that my kids had better be home tomorrow after school. Consider yourself warned!”